About Us

Our team is committed to caring for your money. We’re proud to offer innovative solutions tailored to your organization.

Tammy Lloyd Bookkeeping is a full-cycle bookkeeping business based in Napanee, Ontario, Canada, providing remote, off-site services.

Our team brings over 20 years’ experience from the public and private accounting industries to aid with monthly and year-end financial record preparation, HST returns, payroll, and many other services.

While we have experience bookkeeping for clients in all types of industries, we’ve worked extensively with non-profit organizations, tending to their unique needs.

Bookkeepers reviewing bookkeeping and financial details.

Success Stories

"Tammy has provided excellent bookkeeping services for our businesses for over a decade. She has done so professionally with discretion, and I highly recommend her without hesitation."


"Tammy has demonstrated a keen understanding of financial processes and an ability to manage complex financial records with precision. She posss an acute attention to detail, which is essential in maintaining accurate financial records. Her meticulous approach ensures that financial data is always reliable and up to date."


"I’ve worked with Tammy since 2022, and am very pleased. Tammy pays close attention to detail, is thorough and transparent with communication, and is quick to respond. Tammy helps with day-to-day operations of bookkeeping, and year-end taxes, as well. I strongly recommend Tammy for any bookkeeping needs."


"Tammy has been my bookkeeper and hand-holder for 10 years now. Her help over the years has been a major contributing factor in the success of my small business. Tammy provides excellent service liaising with both the CRA and my accounting firm for seamless and efficient business administration. Over the years, Tammy has become my confidant, my right-hand woman, and my friend. I couldn't have done it without her."


Let us care for your money.

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